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Help Stop the Spread of harmful Viruses with these Simple Steps!
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Premium Cleaning Service 

Premium Cleaning Service is doing its part in helping stop the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  All of our team members are requires to wear a mask at all times, gloves are also provided for each member our equipment is disinfect each time they exit a clients home. We also provide Disinfecting Service  as an EXTRA layer of protection with Hazmat-Suit. According to CDC, COVID-19 may remain viable for up to days on a variety of surfaces. hey recommend a two-step process of cleaning dirty surfaces, followed by disinfecting as the best practice measure for preventing the spread of the virus.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Professional Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Available  Weekends 

They are great. Went above and beyond with service and safety. Mago and team are wonderful!  Thank you for exceptional service.

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